PVC Portable Jump Set 3'

SKU: D-6020

3' PVC Portable Jump Sets

Constructed of durable, outdoor grade plastic, these jumps are designed to be sturdy to use, easy to setup and lightweight to carry. Solid high jump panels mimic the look of the competition regulation set. Dual Lock fasteners attach the bar and panels to the uprights. High Jump Panels (1- Bottom Board, 2 - 8" Boards, 1 - 4" Board and 1 - 2" Board) & the Bar are quickly, easily attached by simply pressing them against the Dual Lock strips on the uprights. Panels can be combined to create heights from 2" - 26" in 2" increments. Uprights are interchangeable.

Extra boards & bar are available to set up two high or two bar jumps for that extra proofing.  Set also includes two short feet so you can use uprights as figure eight practice poles and 4 guides for making front chutes and go out target chutes. 

1/2 sets and 3/4 sets are available upon request.
 Please call for information.

• Sets consist of 1 high, 1 bar & 1  broad jumps.
• Jumps come in 3' width.
• Dual Lock is guaranteed for 5 years to the original owner.

Item# Description Price without Tote Price with Tote
JP34 3' Jump Sets (approx. 25 lbs) 


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