Double Jump

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Double Jumps

Our Double Jumps are lightweight, portable yet sturdy and made out of a COMPOSITE MATERIAL which eliminates the required maintenance and care of traditional wood versions. Each jump comes with the required set of pole supports (depending on the sanctioning body - AKC, USDAA etc.) and four 5' striped poles.

The sides can be detached from the uprights in seconds, so you can easily transport a number of these jumps and store them compactly. The up-rights are 32” tall and made of solid aluminum stock. The sides (approximately 15" wide) attach to the uprights using two stainless steel bolts and wing nuts.

The Double Jump is available with or without wings and can be made in a solid color or any combination of two colors.

Solid Colors available are:
red, blue, green, purple, yellow and white.

Select 2 Combo Colors
Combination Colors available are:
red, blue, green, purple, yellow and white.

Choose 1 Solid Color OR 2 Combination Colors NOT Both on check out!

Item Description Prices
JSD2-A Double Jump Ascending AKC Wingless $190.00
JSD2-U Double Jump USDAA Wingless $190.00
JSD2-AW Double Jump Ascending AKC Winged $250.00
JSD2-UW Double Jump USDAA Winged $250.00
JSD2-AA Double Jump AKC Ascending - Wingless $190.00
JSD2-AAW Double Jump AKC Ascending - Winged $250.00



Double Jump both AKC(Bidirectional) & USDAA

Double Jump Both AKC (Ascending) & USDAA



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