Long Jump Plastic Wood

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Long Jump Plastic Wood

Made from PLASTIC - NO WOOD - which means - NO PAINTING or other traditional maintenance and care required of traditional wood products. 

The plastic planks are mounted to removable side braces formed from sheet aluminum. The braces are designed so that the planks have an increase in elevation as specified in the sanctioning body rules.

The AKC style consists of 4 sections while the USDAA style consists of 5 sections and are stackable for storage and portability. Each jump comes with 4 stand-alone PVC marking poles that are placed beside the corners of the planks.

Please specify the color for the edges of the planks and corner markers.

Red, Blue, Teal, Yellow, or Green

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Plasticwood Long Jump w/marking poles, AKC Style
Plasticwood Long Jump w/marking poles, USDAA Style

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