Below are some of the Testimonials from our customers who purchased and use our Equipment!

I received the jump set today and...OMG!...they are awesome! I'm not sure what I expected but I guess I didn't expect them to be this nice! The broad jump is just super! I didn't expect the supporting sides to be metal nor did I expect them to be so well supported underneath. All I can say is wow! These were so worth the extra money (plastic wood vs. PVC portable) and the wait to get them. I'm wishing now our class tonight had been cancelled so Woody (my Labrador) and I could stay home to start using them! Hoping for no thunderstorms tomorrow evening so we can get started using them! Thank you sooo much for a quality set of jumps! And thank you for your help and advice in choosing the dumbbell and the jump set to purchase. I'm so glad I listened to our instructor and came to Max200! Have a wonderful and safe summer! Roberta, Conestoga, PA
I called Max 200 about sizing scent articles on 4-27-15, and the sales person who helped me was fabulous! She understood my questions and answered quickly, professionally and was exceptionally helpful and pleasant. She helped me with sizing and picked exactly the correct size for my Standard Poodle. Further, I expected the two articles to take 30 days or longer but they arrived in only 3 weeks! I have already ordered a full set of articles. Well done, Max 200! - Diane - Thurmont, MD
I just received my order and am thrilled with my custom dumbbells. Thank you so much for the extra care you exercised in crafting these superb products. Also love the miniature Rally signs! So much so that I'm ordering two more sets for gifts! Thank you!! - Charlie Mendota Heights, MN
Hi! I received my collar today and I am thrilled with it! The quality is excellent and it fits my dog perfectly. The shipping was fast, too. Thank you very much for offering such high quality custom made products and outstanding customer assistance. Wendy - Jamestown, RI
Thank you for your help ! Relieved you have all the experience. (I would have ordered the wrong size dumbbell...whew.) Looking forward to trying it out with my dog. Hope she likes it or at least figures it out. Helen - South Dartmouth, MA
I just wanted to tell you how big of a hit the 'OTCH Bounce' bar was! Everyone at the party kept saying what a great idea, this should be done for people in obedience. And the recipient, Deb, was so surprised she burst into tears! Thank you for your help in making this occasion especially wonderful! - Nancy - Manorville, NY
Thanks so much for your quick resolution. You are correct mistakes do happen, you have restored my faith in your company. The quality of my products is great. I will be looking for those weave poles. Tammi - Crete, IL
Thank you very, very much for reinforcing the broad jump .... it is awesome! It looks great ... and it is nicer that it is heavier. I see I could never have installed the inserts myself. And also thank you for arranging getting the broad jump to you and for delivering it back! I am so impressed with Max200 ... you are wonderful! - Sue, Getzville, NY
I love my Max 200 mover. I move the aframe by myself, the property isn't completely flat, but I can get it where I want it. I picked it specifically because there are no parts to store except the handle lever. - Christie & Dug
My dogs all say thanks for their new dumbbells! They fit them great. Thanks for having so many options and custom fit for the dumbbells instead of standard "one size fits all " ones because my dogs can not use "one size fits all" dumbbells!! - Amy - Hughsville, PA
Thank you so much, appreciate the fast service. Love your products, particularly the custom d /bells. Have a wonderful Christmas, New Years and all the best in 2015. - Bob & Anneth, Warkworth, Ont., Canada
We are very pleased with the rubberized contacts we purchased. We've had many questions and we've referred them to MAX200 website. Great product. Well we used it pretty much and now it's time to clean it of dirt, debris, and other unnice things. What would you recommend as a cleaner, sanitizer? ~Tom Kotch
MAX200 says:
For general purpose cleaning and sanitizing, we use a medium bristle scrub brush and spary on Simple Green soap. If you find that your colors seem to be fading, they are not fading. They are oxidizing. For that, we recommend an RV roof cleaner and conditioner that you can purchase at any RV supply store like Camping World. Be careful to read the instructions and use this product on a small area first to test it out. ~Max 200
LOVE LOVE LOVE my new dog walk! Thank you for making such great products! Time Bandit approves too! Annie - Hadley, MA
I just received my order. Thanks so very much I'm so excited. I love you guys and have ordered many thing from you. I recommend you to all my friends. - Patty - Omaha, NE
Thank You for getting my order to me in such a timely fashion. It all looks good for our event. Sandra, Akron, NY
The new jump bars and weave poles - with the color imbedded into the PVC - Sounds like a good improvement. I've seen peeling quite a bit. That's the thing about you guys out there, seems you're always on the state-of-the-art equipment track and continually making improvements as well! No wonder you're the most popular vendor around the US. - Kathy, Denver, CO.
My articles and bag arrived safely and they are great. They should work out well. Thank you so much. Carol - Hummelstown, PA
I received the scent articles and thank you! My Sheltie loves them and they are just the right size and color. ~ Pat - Sacramento, CA
Just want to let you know that we LOVE our new dog walk. I can't tell you what a relief it is to finally have something that there are NO complaints about (you know what dog clubs are like) and that everyone is satisfied with. Count us as a happy customer. - Kathy - Cleveland, OH
I purchased Alumaskin contact surfaces for my dog walk and A frame last winter. I am finally putting them together and they look great! Thanks! Jim - St. Cloud, MN
I ordered 4 dumbbells a while back and want to get the same DBs. I'm pretty sure they were the standard configuration. 7 x 5 maple . I love these DBS they land true! - Maureen - Ann Arbor, MI
We got the replacement surfaces on and WOW they are AWESOME!!! Mine was more rotted than I thought at first. Thanks so much! - Susan, Almagordo, NM
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the articles that you made for Gable. They fit him perfectly....and he LIKES them! We have two of our five legs towards the OTChX title now, and are hopeful. Thank you all so much for the fine work you do. Best wishes, Sarah, Omemee, ONT, Canada
Thanks for your help today with my new order. The items i have ordered in the past have been very high quality. *** Kimberly, Chesapeake, VA
I received the articles last night and I wanted to thank Joyce again for all her assistance. They are exactly like I wanted. I look forward to using them with Winston. ** Mary, Amityville, NY
WOW, that is speedy service!!!!!!!! Thanks! Leila
Many thanks - I see my order is on target for Friday delivery! Yippee - very excited! Thank-you for the expedited service - you all ROCK! and I will spread the word! Jan - Tampa, FL
Hi there! I got my new rubberized dog walk home last weekend and I have to compliment you on the updated design. It was so much easier to put together than my old one! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! - Carol - Manchester, CT
I received my dumbbell this evening. The UPS truck arrived just as I was leaving for my obedience class so I had no time to practice with it prior to class. I just grabbed the box and dashed off to class where I used it for the first time.
The dumbbell worked like a miracle! The new size worked so much better for my dog. Instead of mouthing it, dropping it, and refusing to take it, he held it firmly and eagerly took it, even in the face of distractions. I am just thrilled. Thank you so much for your help! Carol - Piacitas, NM
We got your products today. First of all, I really want to thank you. You have been very helpful for me. Your contact products are very beautiful and high quality. Yoshi - Saitama-Ken, Japan

THANK YOU for the raffle donation!! It is most appreciated and will be a great item for folks to go after!! WOO HOO thanks again!!!! - Moe, Wayland, MA

Thank you so very much for checking on my order. I just called and we fixed the order to correct the size of the dumbbell. What a wonderful company to take this time to make sure my order is right for my dog. Kudos to you all. Pat- Wilton, CT

Thank you, Kelly! We will definitely be ordering a nice rubber alumiskin aframe from you soon and REALLY appreciate your customer satisfying attitude! Will be dealing with you soon! :) Laura

I have 2 Max 200 Breakaway tires. I used them a few weeks ago at a USDAA trial and they were great!! They look just like the regular tires I've had made from the plastic drain pipe. The magnets were strong enough so they didn't just come apart at the slightest touch. A dog really had to hit it hard to break it apart. But when they did, the tire let go and the dogs were just fine. I highly recommend them. Lori - Beavercreek, OR

I want to thank you for providing the great equipment and support for the 2011 Golden National Agility trial. The equipment was excellent and what a job Al did. I didnâ€â„¢t have to worry about a single thing related to the equipment and set up, Al took care of everything.â€Â¦you were awesome!!! I look forward to working with you guys again sometime soon I hope. Again, thanks for everything you did. John Blair, 2011 GRCA Agility Chair

My new replacement surface arrived in good shape. Kudos to your packaging department. Between the two full sheets of strand board, several 2x4's, and a half keg of 1" screws, even FedEx was not able to put a dent in it. It took my husband, his heavy duty impact screw driver, two fully charged batteries, and a crowbar to tear the packaging down into manageable pieces. We are currently drawing up plans for a small addition to the house to use up the lumber! Thank you. Donna, Tulsa, OK.

The resurfaced equipment is gorgeous, all rubberized and lovely!!! Please thank your staff and especially Kelly for their beautiful work and great customer care! Thanks so much for everything; our place looks spiffy with all the lovely new Max 200 equipment and updating. Helene - Honeoye Falls, NY

My dumbbell arrived last night. I pulled it out of the box and showed it to my beardie girl. She took it and walked off with it, and then dropped it nearby. When I asked her to bring it back, she picked it up and brought it to me and waited until I took it out of her mouth. Do you sell miracles? I had been reading about people spending months trying to condition their dogs to take dumbbells. It never occurred to me that she would take it so easily. Many thanks. People said you are the best and it seems to be true! Sharon

Package received! Dumbbell fits perfectly, and she already likes it much better than the plastic one we have been using. Thanks for the assistance on sizing the dumbbell. - Kurt O. TX

Thanks so much! I appreciate your fabulous service! Lisa ~Spokane WA

I just wanted to tell you how fantastic my new equipment looks in the yard. You know, several people told me not to buy jumps that they were really easy to make inexpensively. Even if that were true, and even if I had the time to do so, I would still have purchased your jumps. I love the colors, how professional they look, and how easy it was to take everything right from the van to the agility field an instant set up. Thank you again, and I look forward to adding to my collection as time goes on.

Your record remains perfect. The dog walk my friend Meg bought from you yesterday at SoBAD arrived home safely without a jiggle or mishap. Thanks for all your help. I know whenever I need some equipment, I too will shop with the 'nice lady' you. - Karen, CT

Just want to thank you for all the help at our 3 club's agility trials the last few weeks . As usual your equipment is top noch . I love the new rubber surfaces on your contact equipment & table . It is easy on the dogs feet & helps prevent slipping . I also appreciate all the help setting the courses. It helped keep our trials running smoothly & on time. - Sincerely , Kit - Greenlawn, NY

Wow! Thanks for getting my order to me so quickly!!! I am so impressed and sincerely appreciative! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!Nicole, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you so much. I appreciate all the help you at Max200 have been. I will definitely order from you again and tell my friends how pleased I am. Lynn, Jersey Shore, PA

The displaceable tire was a HUGE hit at our trial over the weekend. It split 3 times and reset perfectly. Many folks from other clubs checked it out and were very excited. Several people were amazed it was a breakaway, they could not tell until we showed it off.I hope that you will get lots of orders. We will be buying another later in the spring. THANKS VERY MUCH for such a nice product. - Joy- Marian, NY & Happy Tails Agility Club

I just bought two dumbbells for my German Shepherd from you over the phone. The last time I bought dumbbells was for this dog's grandmother in 2006. You not only had that info on file, but were able to advise me on the correct sizing for this dog. If anyone still remembers me sending dumbbells back and forth in 2006 to get the correct size for my Novice A dog, you appreciate how this historical info made life easier for all of us. Perfect fit, first time. Thanks a million! - Marita - Cape Charles, VA

I have been judging around the country and to be honest, I think your break-away tire is the best becaues it looks like a tire while the others don't. ~ Mike, Lebanon, IN

I (& several others) are interested in buying your break away tire asap. We have run on it twice & are so impressed. We have seen several serious accidents avoided TODAY due to your tire! ~ Symantha

Thank you!!! Max is the best-love your dumbbells, articles & leashes. Michelle, Chicago, IL

Your channel weave poles are fabulous. The design is great (actually brilliant) and so quick to shuffle the needed width from dog to dog. - Sally W., Newberg, OR

I got the message that this has been shipped. Thank you as always for the great service. Y'all are the best!!!! - Sue Ann - So. Huntington, NY

I need to touch up the paint on several of my Max200 agility obstacles. My set is lilac and yellow. Please send the paint recipes. Beth - Ft. Collins, CO. P.S. I LOVE this equipment!!!!!

Thanks for doing such a great job for our trial in Granby. You guys are the Best!! - Sue Ellen - Milton, MA

Just a quick thanks for our trial. This is for the extra stuff you tossed in our raffle, as well as a quality overall job. You have a quality product, are great business people and are great to work with. - Steve, So. Windsor, CT

Just got our new a-frame replacement surfaces with alumaskin/rubber. OMG!!! I love them and what a difference in the impact the dogs gets when they hit it. Thank you for your prompt service. ~ Tinna - New Jersey

I would like to thank Max 200 for all the gift certificates donated to All Star Obedience/Rally and Agility Tournament. Also a huge thanks for all their help in taking time to choose the right size dumbell and articles for my dog. Alicia M. - NJ

AWESOME! I love the tire! Are clubs allowed to use this tire at shows? It has already prevented several dogs from sling shotting themselves in the training center. I love the PVC frame too! It would be terrific to use the PVC frame without sandbags at shows. Thanks again! Great design! -Annie - Hadley, MA

Love the non-winged striped jumps. Great quality on the cups. Terese, Flower Mound, TX

I got an A-frame from another company, thinking I was saving $$$. My dog walk is from Max and is great. The A-Frame is problematic, with the eyehooks coming out last summer. Thankfully my dog was not on it at the time it collapsed, nor was I under it! Now, I noticed there are bubbles in the slat area. I was offered a $10 credit for the eye hook problem (I found insulting) and this latest one is still unresolved, but the owner was kind enough to email me instructions on how to sand and repair myself (again insulting for something not even a year old) Kimberly

My new 24" 2x2's from you are wonderful. I'm really glad I got them. I only need another set of 6 and I'm in heaven with my home equipment. I really appreciate everything you do at Max to make sure the equipment is high quality and safe for our dogs. -Heidi, NH

Thank you very much. Thank you for, not only suggesting the alternative for the product I ordered, but also your customer service prompt and courteous phone call. Callie, Chicago, IL.

Thank you so much for your lightening fast responds to my questions. Made ordering my first set of articles very easy! Your customer help is an A+++ in my book. Josette - Friedens, PA

I have checked out other equipment and Max 200 is the best. I leave all my equipment out all winter in CT, and it stands up with no problems. Now I need another set for my FL home. Thanks. ~ Michelle

Aloha: I received the teeter plank and paint. It is just beautiful! The painted plastic wood replacement skin with the rubber chips looks and works great! The dimensions were perfect, a good carpenter installed it and I am as happy as could be! The traction for the dogs is the best! Thank you so much for all you do! Elena, Hawi, HI

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your efforts. For getting together the items I needed at the last possible minute and for your easy going spirit. Thanks Irene for all your work at the show. It is no easy task. When I got home and threw the tunnel into the yard and my dogs were so excited!!!!!!!!!! They love this tunnel!!!! Thanks again for everything! Geralyn - Commack, NY

Just had to call and tell you I received my new dumbbell and I just love, love, love it. Thank you for your prompt and courteous service. - Nancy, Zeeland, MI

I appreciate the prompt handling of my return & the quick shipping of the correct crate. I also apologize for my delay in returning the wrong crate back, but you should be receiving it shortly.
Thank you for the excellent customer service. ~ Gregg, Olathe, KS

I received the plastic dumbbell I ordered from you and it fits the dog's mouth perfectly. I'm glad I called and spoke with your sales person, and gave the breed and weight. You do an excellent job working with the customer and giving him the correct fit for his dog. Thanks. ~ Walter of CA.

Product Inquiry : 1095 - Training/Channel Base 21' Spacing 6 Poles ~ Thank you for your prompt reply on a holiday weekend! What service! ~Gretchen, Wichita, KS

Received my order in just under 2weeks and in time for dog school that night! Tiny dumbbells are working great, thanks. Sandi - Hamilton, ON

I received my order... And MAN that dumbbell SURE DOES LOOK BIG!!! ha ha, Can't WAIT to try it... But I do think it will fit him correctly... I just will have to wait til next Wednesday to find out!!! But I LOVED that dumbbell... Thanks for the choker and the flyers also... I will report back on how this dog does with it... Man, that will be hard to throw!!! ha ha,. .JoAnne - Rockford, IL

I just received my scent articles, they are BEAUTIFUL. Thanks so much for the help with ordering the correct size and for the speedy delivery. I am very happy with the service. Linda, Huron, TN

Thanks for all your help & hard work at the trial this past weekend . I love your new Tunnel huggers .They kept the tunnels in place so well, we didn't have to stop to adjust the tunnels at all thru the entire two days! That ends up saving so much time. Sincerely , Kit - LI, NY

I ordered some scent articles from you in November. I'm very pleased with them, and would like to order another set for the same dog as they are perfect for him. ~ Barb, Wilton, IL

I am looking to buy an A-Frame (9' 2 piece Painted), with Slats, AKC, Plastic Wood, Purple. Please provide me with a shipping quote to Hawaii. I have a dog walk I purchased form you and I LOVE it! ~ Elena

The photographer who snapped this told me that I should send you a copy to show how very well you did measuring my dog for a dumbbell...and yes, she did qualify! Thanks for the great product and all the help you've given us. Now it's onto utility (using your articles of course!) ~ Jill and Teapot

I would like to donate a set of MaxScents scent articles to my National Specialty auction. I personally own a set of Max 200 articles and think the quality is outstanding. Thanks! DEB

Yahoo! The competitors will have top notch equipment for their runs at the Agility Nationals - since they are the best of the agility world they deserve the best equipment for their runs! Congrats and best wishes to Max 200! - Pat - MA

Thank you for all your help. You are nice people to work with. I ordered jumps from you in the fall and they work great. Now if it would warm up so I could use them outside! Marilyn

I just wanted to thank-you so much for the ultimate shipping on my item. I ordered them yesterday and got them today!!!! I will highly recommend you to everyone!!! Sincerely, Janis

I just wanted to let you know that with your great assistance and fast service we got ourselves a contact trainer. We sent you a picture to show you that my Beagle is enjoying it. Thanks again. Kind Regards, ~ Dorothé from Costa Rica.

I just wanted to send a sincere Thank You for the quickness of an order I placed recently. I asked if I could have it as quickly as possible and it was sent out immediately and I received the obstacle numbers yesterday. Thank you very much for your excellent service , it was very much appreciated. ~ Marie, Wrentham, Ma

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You've really saved me (again). I purchased a Max 200 dumbbell at a show earlier this summer for a sponsored prize for my club's obedience trial - life gets complicated and I've misplaced it (or inadvertently used it with my dogs) - You guys are always top-notch but you folks really pulled me out of the fire this time. Thanks for your wonderful products and above and beyond customer service today. ~ Erica and the Magica Boys

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new Max 200 A-frame and dog walk. It is a great to be able to train on the same equipment we will see in competition. The quality is excellent and I love the durability of the plastic wood. I am so satisfied that I am ordering a seesaw and table to complete my set of contact obstacles. ~ Thanks again, Merry

Thank you for your excellent customer service. I will not hesitate to recommend you. ~ Susan

Thanks for the a-frame info. BTW, just so you know, your equipment is so much better than anything available down here in the south!!! Just thought you would like to know that. When I get my 2nd ring of equipment I am going Max200 if it means me driving north to get it! ~Jan

I called Max200 on Thursday 8/21/08. I talked to a wonderful lady to order a new dumbbell for my dog. She was very precise with my order in respect to size and type and getting everything right. After ordering, I explained that I had broken my only dumbbell and that my dog was trailing next week. She said she would try to get the dumbbell out that day even though it was mid-afternoon. To my surprise and pleasure, it arrived the very next day!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! We were able to practice daily without interruption and Devlin now has a chance to qualify! I am greatly appreciative and cannot wait to order from Max200 again AND spread the word!!! ~ Moe

Thanks very much for the reply about the vehicle pet barriers, I appreciate it. I should have actually gone to you guys in the first place - I recommend MAX to pretty much everybody for pretty much everything agility-related..... you guys are the best (and we own several pieces of your stuff..... the equipment never seems to wear out..... which is good for us, but not so much for you.

Thank you so much for such fantastic (and quick!!!) service. :-) ~Julie

Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for the prompt service. I received the new rally signs this morning. I love your rally signs and holders. It is so nice to find a company who truly gives great customer service ! Sincerely, ~ Dorothy

I am a competitive obedience instructor/competitor and judge and I refer people to you for articles and dumbbells. Specifically, I love the plastic HA/HP dumbbells and have always used them for my own dogs. I've had articles from you since my second obedience dog (which was a Border Collie) and still have the same articles, plus more of them now. I even ordered a nice set of colored ones from somewhere else, but I never did use them because I like yours so much better because of the way they are made and how light-weight they are. ~ Nancy

I received my strap for my hard case utility box. Thank you so very much. Be very proud of your Customer Service Skills. I am. You are all wonderful. ~ Dolores

I purchased a wheel just like this one but paid $27.00 more so this is a good buy. This wheel comes in handy for any large property for fencing too. By: Art

The best leash ever! YES! the kind of leash you use to train your dog with matters. Buy yours from Max200- see the difference!! I believe that every owner is either RESTRAINING, ENTERTAINING, or TRAINING their dog with the kind of leash they use. Use the Max200 leather lead if you want to TRAIN. By: Claressa

Everyone who does obedience needs to have a Max200 loglines! Even if you do not compete, you need a long line! Your dog gets used to listening to you, and obeying you from a distance, with distractions, when you train with a 30ft cotton web long line! Check out this item if you want an obedient, and reliable dog. (It works Enough said.) By: Claressa

Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE my new portable obedience jumps! They are high quality, well designed, solid, stable, and easy to put together. Iâ€â„¢m THRILLED with them! I had seen similar portable jumps from a competitor and they were junk compared to these. Thanks so much for making such great, high quality products. You have a faithful customer! ~Janet - MA