Max200 Wall Jump

SKU: R-5380

One of our Wall Jumps is made out of an outdoor signage plastic material and is lightweight, colored all the way through.

The other Wall Jump is made with Alumaskin (2 sheets of Aluminum w/ Foam inner core) and covered in UV resistant vinyl.

In both versions, the towers are 4' tall and 10"x 10" square with a top lid made with Plastic Wood. Wall comes 5' wide with an angled bottom section 10" high, 1-8" section, 1- 4", 1- 2" section and 5- 2" half round 12" long Pucks. This combination of wall sections and pucks will handle any jump height. 

Each wall section has handles cut out to facilitate easy height changes. Additionally, each section snaps together to add stability. Towers can be one color, wall a different color and pucks will match the towers.

There are three color options for:

• Towers • Wall • Pucks (we strongly recommend that the pucks are a different color than the wall for visability and contrast)

Colors Available: Blue, Green, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

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WLJ-P Max200 Wall Jump - Plastic $545.00


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