Long Jump PVC

SKU: I-1390

Max 200 PVC Long Jump

Our PVC long jumps are lightwieght and portable. They are designed like the plastic wood versions.

The "boards" are mounted on PVC pipe and  designed to have an increase in elevation as specified by the sanctioning body rules.

The AKC style consists of 4 sections while the USDAA style consists of 5 sections and are stackable for storage and portability. Each jump comes with 4 stand-alone PVC marking poles that are placed besides the corners of the boards.

Please specify the color for the tape on long jump and marking poles:
Blue, Red, Yellow or Green

Item# Description Price
JL-AKC-PVC PVC long jump w/marking poles, AKC Style $292.00
JL-USDAA-PVC PVC long jump w/marking poles, USDAA Style $350.00


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