2 Piece Contact Trainer

SKU: D-1110

2 Piece Contact Trainer

Do you have limited space or limited finances?
 Are you located in an area where winter or summer outdoor practice is limited because of the weather?
 Need practice on your contacts year around?

 Try our Contact Trainer. More compact than a standard size a-frame and dog walk but designed to replicate the correct angles of both obstacles. One side: is a short A-frame while the other side narrows to the width of the dog walk plank. Great for practicing contacts in small areas, even indoors. Frame is made of 1" square aluminum tubing and it's covered with finished plywood ready for sand painting.

Painting Color Choices:
 Red, Blue, Green, Purple with Yellow contact zones.

Item Description Price
CT100 2 Piece Contact Trainer - Woodskin - Unpainted $625.00
CT100P 2 Piece Contact Trainer - Woodskin - Painted $675.00
CTASR 2 Piece Contact Trainer - Alumaskin/Rubber $870.00


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