Complete Adjustable See Saw

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Complete Adjustable See Saw

Our see-saw base is manufactured from steel for weight and so it will long outlast traditional wooden bases. It weighs 25lbs. (just the base) and folds up flat for portability and easy storage. We powder-coat paint the base.

By shortening or lengthening the chain that connects the legs of this see-saw base, you can set the pivot point at various heights for training and regulation height for competition. See Saw anchors are useful in securing the See Saw during trials. Anchors fit over the ends of the base and have spiked tips so you can drive them into the ground. The stabilizer bar is used to keep the See Saw fixed at the 24" competition height. Great at trials as it provides more stability and saves time.

If you order the See Saw complete with aluminum plank. The substructure of the plank is custom box channel aluminum. For the final running surface, the plank is skinned with a granulated rubber (Wet Pour Method). Additionally, the plank comes as a solid 12' section or two 6' sections (split) joined in the middle for easier transportability and storage.

Item# Description Price
SSC1-ARNS-36 12' Solid Plank Aluminum/Rubber - 36" contact zone $610.00
SSC1-ARNS-42 12' Solid Plank Aluminum/Rubber - 42" contact zone $610.00
SSC2-ARNS-36 12' Split Plank Aluminum/Rubber - 36" contact zone $655.00
SSC2-ARNS-42 12' Split Plank Aluminum/Rubber - 42" contact zone $655.00

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