See Saw Planks-Only

SKU: D-4510

See Saw Planks-Only

The plank comes as a one 12’ section (solid) or two 6’ sections (split) joined in the middle for easier transport and storage. Planks are solid Aluminum coated with Rubber granuals applied with the "Wet Pour Method" to prevent shedding. Once assembled, there is no difference in the functionality between the two versions of the planks. 

Planks sold individually without base or hardware!

Item Description Price
See Saw Plank Alumaskin/ Rubber 12' Solid Plank $425.00
See Saw Plank Alumaskin/ Rubber 12' Split Plank $475.00

UPS will only ship upto 150 pounds.
Please Contact Us for Shipping on the See-Saw Planks!

Please Allow 6-8 weeks for Delivery 

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