Weave Pole Accessories - Bendable Knuckles

SKU: 5420

Weave Pole Accessories - Bendable Knuckles

With the use of our bendable knuckles, any of our rigid weave pole bases can be converted into the weave-a-matic training system. 

We offer bendable knuckles in two styles:
• Type I is for use with our old-style weave bases that have a hollow tube for insertion of the poles.

• Type II is for use with our current weave base design, in which the weave poles are slipped over the posts. 

If you have weave bases made by someone else, either with posts or hollow tubes, please contact us with the dimensions so we can help you insure a good fit.

Our bendable knuckle is designed to fit our weave pole bases - both standard competition and channel training. If you do not own a set of Max 200 weave pole bases, please call before ordering to determine if they will work with your base.

Item Description Price
BK Bendable Knuckles 1 $30.00
BK6 Bendable Knuckles Set of 6 $175.00
BK12 Bendable Knuckles Set of 12 $346.50


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