2 Piece A-Frame

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2 Piece A-Frame

The side walls of the A-frame are 3' wide and 9' long and made from 1 1/2" square aluminum tubing and then skinned with aluminum  for the final running surface,the surface is then skinned with granulated rubber (Wet Pour Method). The aluminum frame doesn't require painting.

Along with the A-frame, you receive a large diameter rod for connecting the side walls, two corrosive-resistant chains and s-hooks for attaching the chains to the side walls. By shortening or lengthening the chains, you can set the apex at regulation height or at any lower height for training.

Alumaskin is an .060 aluminum sheet. It is 1/16" thick, very strong and 40% lighter than wood. 


Complete 2 piece A-Frame Alumaskin/Rubber NO Slats


Complete 2 Piece A-Frame Alumaskin/Rubber with Slats


Remember to get yourself or club an A-Frame Mover too!

 Please Allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery

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