4 Piece A-Frame

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4 Piece A-Frame

Designed especially for people who need to fit an A-frame in their mini van or who have limited storage space, the 4-piece A-frame is built to the same standards as our 2-piece A-frame. The only difference is that each side wall is comprised of two pieces that slide together and are fastened with bolts. Each of the four pieces weighs only 43 Ibs. with the ply-wood attached. Additionally, the top half of the 4-Piece A-frame can be used as a mini A-frame (for the beginner young dogs or as a contact trainer for practice in a small area in the cold or excessively hot weather)

• Alumaskin:
Is an aluminum coated sheet on either side of a pvc foam core. It is 1/8" thick and 40% lighter than wood.

• Plastaskin:
Is a dense plastic that is equivalent in weight and thickness to wood but will never rot.


Item Description Price
AF4C-UWPNS 4 piece 4.5'x3' - Wood/Painted No SLATS $1,345.00
AF4C-UWPWS 4 piece 4.5'x3' - Wood/Painted with SLATS $1,395.00
AF4C-UWRNS 4 piece 4.5'x3' - Wood/Rubber No SLATS $1,590.00
AF4C-UARNS 4 piece 4.5'x3' - Alumaskin/Rubber No SLATS $1,625.00
AF4C-UWRWS 4 piece 4.5'x3' - Wood/Rubber with SLATS $1,640.00
AF4C-UARWS 4 piece 4.5'x3' - Alumaskin/Rubber with SLATS $1,675.00

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