"Hit It!" Electronic Running Contact Trainer Strap Kit for A-Frame Kit

SKU: R-2280

Electronic Running Contact Trainer Strap Kit for A-Frame Kit

Tired of your dog missing the contact zone? 
Tired of your dog not understanding what is expected of it when training running contacts? 
Tired of guessing if your dog was in the contact zone or not? 
Tired of your dog missing the up contact? 
Well at last there is a piece of equipment that will help put an end to your frustration!
 It's called the "Hit It!"© electronic running contact trainer.
The standard "Hit It!"© running contact trainer is 10" X 12" X 1/2". This standard size fits in-between most slatted dogwalks. The top surface matches the standard color and texture of contact zones. The bottom has a neoprene black surface.
Attached to the board is a removable audible battery pack which can easily be hidden under the contact obstacle. The audible battery pack is powered by a 9-volt battery. When the dog steps on the "Hit It!"© board a beep is emitted from the audible battery pack confirming that the dog did in fact step on it. The volume of the beep can be minimized for sound sensitive dogs.
Optional accessories are available:
 1. Straps to secure on non-slatted contacts.
 2. A light only battery pack which has a light that stays on for approximately 5 seconds. This battery pack would be used when weaning from the audible battery pack.

This purchase is for the A-Frame Strap Kit!

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HIB101 "Hit It!"© Electronic Running Contact Trainer A-Frame Strap Kit $10.00
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