Flatwork Training Mat


Here is another great Puppy Training idea! The Flatwork Training Mat is perfect for target training. Made of the same rubber material that is found on our contact equipment you can get your puppy used to the surface while proofing your 2 on 2 off or running contact training. As your puppy gets older you can intergrate the Flatwork Training Mat with contact equipment for easy transition.

  Six standard sizes available or you can call and request a custom size.

Available in five colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Red or Yellow.  

R940-RR1212 Flatwork Mat 12" x 12"  $ 16.00
R940-RR1220 Flatwork Mat 12" x 20"   $ 27.00
R940-RR1224 Flatwork Mat 12" x 24"  $ 31.00
R940-RR1236 Flatwork Mat 12" x 36  $ 49.00
R940-RR1812 Flatwork Mat 18" x 12"   $ 23.50
R940-RR1818 Flatwork Mat 18" x 18"   $ 35.00
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