Balance Perch

SKU: C-1540

Balance Perch

Here's a fun way to teach a trick or build up hind-end and lateral strength. Have your dog place his/her front paws onto the perch and teach him/her to circle the perch towards the left and right while continuing to keep his/her front feet on the perch. Also useful in teaching sharp about turns for obedience competition.

The large dog perch is 2" off the ground and measures 11 1/2" in diameter while the small dog plank 1" off the ground and measures 8 1/2" in diameter. Perches are made with our superior, exterior grade plywood and are painted and textured.

The Balance Perch comes in the following Colors:
Dark Blue, Dark Green, Light Blue, Purple,  Red,  Teal,  Yellow

Item Description Price
BP 100 Balance Perch (Large) $30.00
BP 105 Balance Perch (Small) $25.00
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