Travel Planks

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Travel Plank

Need to practice your contacts on the road ?

Want to introduce your new puppy to the dog walk or see saw plank ? Here's an easy, portable way to do this.

Each plank is 4' long, 12" wide and is elevated off the ground. The large dog plank is 2" off the ground while the small dog plank is 1" off the ground.

Planks are made with our superior, exterior grade plywood, are painted and textured and can come with or without slats. Either plank can be leaned up on the bumper of your vehicle to practice contacts.

**Now you can get your Travel Planks with RUBBER!!**

Choice of 6 Colors:
 Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Teal, Yellow

Item Description Price
TPL100 Travel Plank Large 2" off the ground $60.00
TPS100 Travel Plank Small 1" off the ground $60.00
TPL105 Travel Plank with Slats Large 2" off the ground $65.00


Travel Plank with Slats Small 1" off the ground



Travel Plank with Rubber Flat on the ground



Travel Plank with

Rubber Small 1" off the ground



Travel Plank with Rubber Large 2" off the ground


This is an Oversized box!
There is a $10.00 Handling Fee added to the price.

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