PVC Pause Table

SKU: A-4170

PVC Pause Table

This adjustable pause table is made out of 2" diameter PVC. It has a 36" by 36" square top with a 3" fascia. The table comes with appropriate set of PVC legs so it can be adjusted to different heights. If you need additional heights for your pause table, you can purchase the set of legs for that particular height. Includes all 3 sizes of legs!!! For each venue.  

While the frame of the PVC Pause table is 2" UV resistant pipe, the table top can be skinned with plywood or plastic wood.

For the final running surface, if the skin is wood, it can be traditionally sand painted. Otherwise the surface can be covered with our granulated rubber. (Wet Pour Method)  

Plastaskin is a dense plastic that is equivalent in weight and thickness to wood but will never rot.

PVC Pause Table Choices:
• AKC Leg Set are: 8", 12, 16", 20"
• USDAA Leg Set are: 12", 16", 20" 
• AKC & USDAA are: 8", 12", 16", 20"

Top Colors: Yellow
Side Colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Red, or Yellow

Item Description Price
PT-PVC -WUP Wood/Unpainted PVC Pause Table AKC Leg Set $375.00
PT-PVC-WUPB Wood/Unpainted PVC Pause Table Both AKC/USDAA Leg Set $375.00
PT-PVC-WP Wood/Painted PVC Pause Table AKC Leg Set $410.00
PT-PVC-WPB Wood/Painted PVC Pause Table both AKC/USDAA Leg Set $410.00
PT-PVC-WR Wood/Rubber PVC Pause Table AKC Leg Set $450.00
PT-PVC-WRB Wood/Rubber PVC Pause Table AKC/USDAA Leg Set $450.00
PT-PVC-PR Plastaskin/Rubber PVC Pause Table AKC Leg Set $485.00
PT-PVC-PRB Plastaskin/Rubber PVC Pause Table AKC/USDAA  Leg Set $485.00


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