Steel Pause Table Extra Legs

SKU: E-2350

Steel Pause Table Extra Legs

Good Idea to purchase extra Steel Pause Table Legs when purchasing the Steel Pause Table. Excellent Replacement legs too!!!

Set of 4

Description Price
PT-S-L2 4-8" Steel Pause Table Extra Legs $45.00
PT-S-L1 4-12" Steel Pause Table ExtraLegs $55.00
PT-S-L3 4-16" Steel Pause Table Extra Legs $65.00
PT-S-L4  4-18" Steel Pause Table Extra Legs $70.00
PT-S-L5  4-20" Steel Pause Table Extra Legs $75.00
PT-S-L6  4-24" Steel Pause Table Extra Legs $85.00

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