Squiggle It!

The "Squiggle It!" will have you giggling as your dogs tail wags with glee.
SKU: 8070

The "Tug It!" Squiggle It!" Combo is the first ever training device that incorporates the wonderful chenille that dogs adore along with the ability to dispense food.

Made of micro-fiber, the Squiggle It! is soft yet durable. It's tentacles create a visual display of movement that dogs find alluring.

It comes in assorted colors. Allow us to choose for you.

The woven handle Squiggle It! is approximately 3.5" x 8" and has a strong nylon handle.

The bungee handle Squiggle It! features a black and white flat bungee handle.

The double woven handle Squiggle It! features a strong nylon handle on either end.

The double bungee handle Squiggle It! features a black and white flat bungee handle on either end.

TIS-100 Squiggle It! $16.95 ea. 12/$11.40 ea.
TIS-102 Squiggle It! Bungee Handle $20.95 ea 12/$14.66 ea
TIS-101 Squiggle It! Double Handle $20.95 ea. 12/$14.66 ea
TIS-104 Squiggle It! Double Bungee Handle $22.95 ea. 12/$16.06 ea.
TIS-103 Tug It! Squiggle It COMBO $19.95 ea 12/ $13.96 ea.
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