MaxScents Articles-Leather and Wood Set

These are custom made Articles made to order and can take up to 3 weeks to complete.
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MAXSCENTS articles are designed to provide maximum flexibility in the selection of articles to fit your dog. End sizes, bar lengths and bar diameters can be chosen from a menu of options customizing the articles to fit your specific dog. Crafted of the finest materials leather ends are cut from natural tan shoe sole leather, wood articles ends are maple wood. Bars for the leather are solid aluminum and wrapped with leather cut exactly to fit the bar. There is no overlaping tucking or stitching of the leather on the bar. Ends are secured using a special screw, washer and glue to provide a permanent tight hold. 

Colors Available: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Brown, Green, Putty, Purple, Red, Silver, Turquoise, White, Yellow and Pink. 

Articles can take up to 3 weeks to make.

MS4-LW 6 Leather and 6 Wood 4 cm. end $174.95
MS5-LW 6 Leather and 6 Wood 5 cm. end $184.95
MS6-LW 6 Leather and 6 Wood 6 cm. end $194.95
MS7-LW 6 Leather and 6 Wood 7 cm. end  $204.95
MS8-LW 6 Leather and 6 Wood 8 cm. end  $214.95
MS9-LW 6 Leather and 6 Wood 9 cm. end $224.95
MS10-LW 6 Leather and 6 Wood 10 cm. end  $234.95

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NOTE: We custom make our scent articles to our customer's specification, so plan on 3-4 weeks for completion of a set of articles.
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