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Is it a retriever or a back scratcher??
Either way, this funky style pet toy will be your pet's favorite snugly companion. Each Loofa Dog has a squeaker for additional interest.

A favorite among dogs everywhere, the Loofa Dog is the best toy for fetching, chewing, and snuggling.

Item Description Price Wholesale 6 or more
LDJ Loofa Dog-Jumbo (24") $10.00 $7.50
LDL Loofa Dog-Large (18") $8.00 $6.00
LDM Loofa Dog-Medium (12") $6.00 $4.50
LDS Loofa Dog Small (6") $3.89 $3.31
LDSM Loofa Dog Squeaker Mat $8.29 $8.14
LDU Loofa Dog Unstuffed (12") $5.79 $5.10
LDSPORT Loofa Dog Sport (12") $6.00 $4.50


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