Heat Guardian v2 - Base & Mobile


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Heat Guardian v2 - Base & Mobile

Keep your pets safe and snug! The wireless Snug Dog Heat Guardian Temperature Monitor helps you watch over your pets in the car or RV to make sure that they stay healthy. If the remote temperature goes beyond a set range the unit in-hand immediately shows this on-screen and it warbles a warning.

Recharge them with a standard 5V USB charger and watch the battery last for an entire weekend. The display on top shows the current temperature as well as the battery life and signal strength. There is one button to power it on and off. The Snug Dog Heat Guardian comes complete and ready to use. There is no service plan required.

The listed price is for two (2) Heat Guardian units - one base and one mobile.

Each unit contains
◦ Bluetooth 5.0 radio with internal antenna
◦ long range radio with external antenna for maximum range,
◦ microcomputer
◦ 500mAh lithium battery
◦ 4MB of flash
◦ microUSB port for battery charge
◦ micro-speaker for alarms and alerts
◦ on/off switch
◦ color LEDs for status

The base unit also contains
◦ precision analog temperature sensor for quick response

The mobile unit also contains
◦ precision digital temperature sensor
◦ graphic blue/yellow OLED display for showing temperature, signal, and battery

Base: 2.5"x2.75"x.75". The antenna is 4.75" tall. Total weight: 3 oz.
Mobile: 5"x2.25"x.5". Weight 2 oz.

Comes in 2 colors: Blue or Green (Add $10.00 for Green Color)

PRICE: $249.00 Plus $15.000 Shipping: $264.00

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