Chuck-It! Amphibious Bumper Dog Toy

SKU: 1030

Amphibious Bumper Dog Toy

Canine Hardware Chuck-It! Amphibious Bumper Dog Toy is a great new dog toy that provides exceptional outdoor fun! Whether your four-legged friend prefers retrieving in the water, or is a land lover, this toy makes for a far-flung game of fetch.

It is made of a combination of durable memory foam and tooth-rugged nylon that allows for superior flight in the air and high floatation in the water. The bright colors are also easy to spot.

This items is available in assorted colors. Please let us choose the colors for you.

Item Description Sizes Prices Wholesale 6 or more
CIAMB Amphibious Bumper Medium $15.62 $12.49
CIAMB-1 Amphibious Bumper  Small $11.00 $8.80


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