Teacup Tunnel

SKU: A-4870

Teacup Tunnels

Our teacup open tunnel is 16" in diameter and is made of a solid piece of heavy-duty, scrim reinforced vinyl coated material with steel rings commonly used for air ducts in mineshafts. UV resistance and anti-microbial treatments have been added to insure longevity. Steel rings are heat-sealed into the fabric. The heat-sealed tunnel is manufactured with a molecular bond and has a smooth interior.

• Tunnels come in 10', 15', and 20' lengths and 6" pitch.
• Colors: Blue, Green Red, Yellow

• Other length and pitches are available

Item Description Price
OT-10T Teacup Tunnel 10 Foot - 6" Pitch $262.50
OT-15T Teacup Tunnel 15 Foot - 6" Pitch $348.08
OT-20T Teacup Tunnel 20 Foot - 6" Pitch $433.65


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