PSI Bristle Brushes

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PSI Pin & Bristle Brushes

Brushes and combs manufactured by PSI, one of the most trusted names in the pet industry. Quality mahogany wooden handles are made to withstand the rigors of use by professionals and hobbyists alike.

Rust resistant pins and boar hair bristles are set strongly in a rubber cushion to gently work out tangles and knots while providing minimum stress on the dog's skin.  An assortment of necessary grooming items for any type of dog coat.

Item Description Price Wholesale 6 or more
B25127 PSI Oval Pure Bristle Brush $16.60 $13.28
B25128 PSI Oblong Pure Bristle Brush $13.55 $ 10.84
B25389 PSI Toy Wire Pin Bubble Brush $11.00 $8.80
B25407 PSI Med. Wire Pin Bubble Brush $11.40 $9.12

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