Prong (Pinch) Training Collar with Quick Release

Quick Release Collar

SKU: 4071

Prong (Pinch) Training Collar with Quick Release

For that hard to handle dog, a prong collar provides the extra control needed to help training. This collar is more humane than a choke collar. The addition or subtraction of links adjusts the collar length. Made of fine quality steel by Herm Sprenger, Co. Available with end swivel and in either the regular Prong (Pinch) Training Collar (SKU 4070) or this quick release (QR) version.

Quick Release Collar with Swivel
Item Description Price Wholesale 10 or more
CP55 Small Collar w/8 links 14"
(*Quick Release)
$40.49 $36.44
CP56 Medium Collar w/8 links 18"
(*Quick Release)
$44.49 $39.99

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