Human Agility Training Vol. 1 DVD

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Human Agility Training Vol. 1 DVD
Kennel Boy Video Productions LLC

Subtitle: Running Mechanics & Dynamic Warm-up
Author: Lori Hansen
Format: DVD, NTSC format
Release Date: 2006

You are 50% of your agility team. Are you spending 100% of your resources training the dog?

Do you flop and flail when you run, confusing your dog and amusing your friends?

Is your current warm-up routine actually impeding your performance?

In Human Agility Training Vol. 1, you will learn:
1) Proper running mechanics so that you can run more efficiently and start becoming the athlete that your dog always wanted, and
2) a dynamic warm-up to use before your agility runs that will effectively prepare you for optimal performance, helping your Q-rate rise and your course times fall.

About the Author
Lori Hansen is a certified and degreed personal trainer with over 25 years experience as a fitness professional. She also competes in agility at the national level. Lori has been teaching “HAT" (Human Agility Training) classes in Denver, Colorado for the last two years. She and her husband Don compete in agility competitions with their rescue border collies, Rusty and Bailey.

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