First Aid Kit for Dogs

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First Aid Kit for Dogs

The Professional Kit is the right choice for the field dog, hog dog, competitive sport dog, or law enforcement dog. If the hunt takes you off the beaten path, you will appreciate the versatility and peace of mind this kit offers. The Professional Kit has all of the great features of our Gun Dog Kit with the following upgrades:

Buck Mountain Wound Aid is a 100% organic Veterinary wound treatment powder that contains Yarrow, a natural hemostat (bloodstopper). In addition to blood stopping capabilities Wound Aid is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial making it a great choice for field treatment of open wounds.

Removable Field Pouch for taking take first aid to the field in a hunting vest or pack.

Electrolyte Replacement/ Energy Drink helps maintain hydration by encouraging water intake. Promotes muscle recovery and recharges liver glycogen so your dog maintains stamina throughout the hunt.

(1) "Emergency First Aid For Your Dog" Handbook
(1) 7 1/4" Stainless Steel Paramedic Shears
(1) 5 1/2" Stainless Steel Kelly Forceps
(1) Skin Stapler w/ 35 SS Staples
(1) 52 x 84 Mylar Emergency Blanket
(6) Sterile 4 x 4 Gauze Pads
(2) Sterile 5 x 9 ABD Pads
(1) Sterile 10 x 30 Multi-Trauma Dressing
(1) 4.5" x 4 yd Sterile Bulk Roll Gauze
(1) 4" x 5 yd 3M Vetrap" self adhering bandage wrap
(4) Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicators
(1) 1" x 10yd Waterproof Medical Tape
(1) 1" x 18" Latex Free Tourniquet
(1) 8 oz Bottle Hydrogen Peroxide
(1) 4 oz Bottle Eye Wash
(1) Instant Cold Compress
(1) Sharptemp veterinary thermometer w/case and clip
(1) Syringe
(10) 2 packs Aspirin Tablets
(8) 1 packs Antihistamine Capsule
(2) Packets Honey
(1) 1 oz Buck Mountain Wound Aid
(1) Pair Exam Gloves
(1) Emergency Information Card
(1) Odor Removal Solution Recipe
(1) Electrolyte Replacement/ Energy

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