Enjoying Dog Agility by Julie Daniels 2nd Ed.

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Enjoying Dog Agility by Julie Daniels
Hardcover Second Edition

Step-by-step approach to the new obedience sport that's sweeping the country. Agility Training offers a challenge to you and your dog that keeps both of you interested, entertained, and coming back for more. The author, a noted trainer, has competed in National competition with her Rottweiler and teaches Agility classes to eager learners. In this book a cookbook approach has been used that simplifies and illustrates at the right moves. Using the step by step approach and observing the wonderful pictures and diagrams, you too can have a dog that can perform with the best of them.

The full color second edition of this upbeat and informative guide is a must-read for anyone in the sport of agility or thinking abot gettting started. Considered by many trainers the ideal primer to the sport. This book tells you everything you need to know about getting involved in agility.

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