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Dream Weaves DVD (1447)

Dream Weaves DVD

Dream Weaves DVD
Clean Run Productions LLC

Subtitle: Achieving Fast, Reliable & Independent Weave Poles with Any Dog
Author: Ann Croft
Format: DVD, NTSC format
Running Time: 1 hour, 17 minutes
Release Date: 2007

  • Are you often out of position for handling the next obstacle because you have to stay close to your dog in the poles? 
  • Are you losing Qs because of pop-outs or missed entries? 
  • Is bad footwork in the poles slowing down your dog and keeping him from reaching his
    weaving potential? 
  • Or maybe you're looking for a start-to-finish method for training your new agility dog?

Your dog can have Dream Weaves! He can learn to weave fast, reliably, and independently. Imagine being able to send your dog ahead of you, from any angle, to the weave poles. Even better, imagine your dog quickly completing all the poles while you are moving to your next handling position.

The Dream Weaves program combines the channel method with the Weave-A-Matic (slanted poles) method in a way that takes advantage of the strong points of each method. With this program, you can start even a young puppy in an open channel, teaching him speed and how to find weave entrances, without putting any stress on his developing body. Your dog learns to move ahead of you and recognize the entry on his own, regardless of your position. When the dog is old enough to start flexing his spine, you switch over to the Weave-A-Matic to teach him how to weave with the proper footwork in a continuous style, changing leads at each pole. You won't believe the results!

Ann Croft shows you the training progression from step one to the finished product, including what to do if things don’t go as planned. She demonstrates how to work with a dog that is food motivated as well as a dog that is toy motivated. Demonstrations include dogs that have never been trained on the weave poles.

Training on the weave pole channel and the Weave-A-Matic are dealt with in separate sections of the DVD so that if you would prefer to use one method or the other, rather than combining them, you can. That’s a lot of flexibility from a single video.

About the Author
Ann lives in San Diego, California with her two Boston Terriers, Chance and Prix, and three Border Collies, Caper, Trigger, and Flurry. Her Bostons, Mystic (1992-2004) and Chance, achieved many agility firsts for their breed. Chance, Caper and Trigger are all double agility champions, MACH and ADCH, and have all been AKC Nationals finalists with Trigger placing second overall in 2003. Trigger and her teammates won the 2004 DAM National Team Championship. Ann now teaches full time.

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