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**Pre-Made Rubber Surfaces**
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Pre-made Rubber Surfaces'
by Max 200 Performance Dog Equipment, Inc.

For: A-Frame, Dog Walk, Seesaw and Pause Table

Don't feel like making your own surface out of rubber granules? In that case, you can purchase pre-made surfaces that are ready to apply to your equipment. For the obstacle you're covering, you'll get a separate section of the surface for each section of the obstacle. For example, for an A-frame, you'll receive 2 color surface sections for the ramps and 2 yellow surface sections for the contacts. All you'll need to do is glue the surface sections to your contact obstacle or table using contact cement, and then trim the edges of the surface for a perfect fit.
This surfacing conforms to AAC, AKC, ASCA, CPE, NADAC, UKI, and USDAA regulations. The surface material is very stable in all kinds of weather, and there is no shedding of granules. In fact, the granules are bound together so well that you can clean the surface by scrubbing it with a brush or power washing it. If you order a surface with slats, the slats are made from rubber granules and formed onto that surface material.
You can select from 4 colors. If you are ordering a surface for a contact obstacle, the sections for the ramps will be made from that color, and the contact sections will be made from yellow granules.
If you are not sure which surface to order, please CALL 1-800-446-2920 for more information:
We make Rubber Surfaces for the following items: (Click on your item)
A- Frame Rubber Surface (SKU 1628)
Dog Walk Rubber Surface (SKU 1624)
Pause Table Rubber Surface
Seesaw Rubber Surface (SKU 1621)
Note: You should be aware that not all rubber granules are created equal. Different suppliers have granules that vary in size, quality, and amount of dust. These surfaces are made from 1-4mm TPV granules, a virgin rubber material produced from a high-grade polymer. American Recycling's TPV granules are known for their color consistency, resiliency, and high UV stability, and also for being 98% dust-free because of the high standards they require in their packaging. They are safe for use in playground surfaces and they are commonly used to create impact-absorbing rubberized sports surfaces.
"Please allow 4-8 weeks for Delivery"
Call 1-800-446-2920 with any special delivery time requests.


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