Bridging the Gap Between Training & Competition

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Bridging the Gap Between Training & Competition

Author: Rachel Sanders
Format: DVD, NTSC format
Running Time: 49 minutes
Release Date: 2008

Did you teach your dog a fast, accurate, and independent two-on/two-off contact behavior only to find it now failing you in the competition ring? The more we compete and the longer it has been since our initial training, the more our dogs' competition contact performance seems to deviate from their training performance. Perhaps your dog's contact performance is slowing down. Or maybe she is no longer driving to the end of the contacts without you next to her. Perhaps your dog is no longer waiting for your release command and releases on her own. Or you may find yourself repeating your contact command or decelerating at the end of the contact to facilitate a stop. Worse yet, your dog may be missing contacts altogether.

Finally there's a clear cut method for bridging this gap between training and competition so that you can achieve your ideal contact performance in the ring. This DVD will show you why your two-on/two-off performances are deteriorating. It will also provide a comprehensive training plan for "release work" on the contacts that will allow you to recreate your competition behavior in the training environment so you can fix your areas of weakness. The end result is a contact behavior in competition that is the same as the behavior your dog gives you in training.

But this program is not just for trained dogs; it's a great program to use in your initial contact training so that you avoid problems. If you are starting contact training with a new dog, you can begin the release work on the flat portion of Rachel's training program at the same time that you're training the two-on/two-off position. You can progress to other parts of the release work even before the dog is able to perform the entire contact obstacle.

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