Braided Fur/Fleece Snap Leash

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Braided Fur/Fleece Snap Leash

Dogs and handlers alike love these leashes! The 5' long leash with snap features either fleece or fur braided together with nylon webbing so that it's durable as well as soft to hold and appealing to the dog for tugging.

The sliplead is called a humane or limited slip lead, because it has two adjustable "stoppers" so that the leash won't get too big and slip off AND it won't get too small and choke your dog. The size is completely adjustable to as large as 16" and as small as 5".

There are several color combinations available: multi-colored fleece/black webbing, and jungle pattern fur/black webbing. No two multi-color leashes are exactly the same! AKC legal tug leash, machine washable, soft , durable, shock absorbing, comfortable handle. Let your imagination run wild with a custom braided leash a combination of ribbon and two fleece colors in a beautiful, sturdy braided fleece leash.

The leash is approximately 5' in length, including a 7" looped handle and snap end.

- AKC legal tug leash
- Machine washable
- Soft and Durable
- Shock absorbing
- Comfortable handle
- Durable snap hook

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GDGBTL100 Braided fleece multi color Leash 5'Snap $19.00 $15.20
GDGBTL100 Braided fur Tug Leash - Cheetah $19.00 $15.20
GDGBTL100 Braided fur Tug Leash - Fire $19.00 $15.20
GDGBTL100 Braided fur Tug Leash - Red/Black Zebra $19.00 $15.20
GDGBTL100 Braided fur Tug Leash - Blue Leopard $19.00 $15.20
GDGBTL100 Braided fur Tug Leash - Camo NEW! $19.00 $15.20


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