Adjustable Aluminum Dog Walk Bases & Hardware

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Adjustable Aluminum Dog Walk Bases & Hardware

Our adjustable base and hardware kit contains all of the hardware you need to assemble the dog walk, except the planks.
Kit comes with:

• 6 aluminum hinges: (4 have one side attached to the dog walk base plates)
• 6 nine inch steel hinge pins with handle
• 24 1/4 - 20 x 2" Stainless steel machine screws w/nylock locking nuts
• 2 chains (approximately 8' in length) with an S-hook permanently attached to chains
• 2 snap-hooks attached to chains
• 2 folding dog walk bases
• 1 set of instructions for building and assembling your own dog walk.

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DWB Dog Walk Base & Hardware Kit $650.00

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