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In FOCUS Foundation Work DVD (1435)

In FOCUS Foundation Work DVD

In FOCUS Foundation Work DVD
Clean Run Productions LLC

Author: Deborah Jones, Ph.D. & Judy Keller
Format: DVD, NTSC format
Running Time: 1 hour, 6 minutes
Release Date: 2006

Do you have a dog that is fast, but inconsistent? Do you have a dog that is soft and quick to shut down if the conditions aren’t perfect? Do you envy other dog and handler teams that seem to work together in perfect harmony? Do you struggle to keep your dog’s attention and to keep him interested in agility? Do you have to fight to keep your dog on the course that you want him to do? All of these problems are due to a lack of focus and gaps in your foundation work. The FOCUS (Fun, Obedience, and Consistency Lead to Unbelievable Success) program  is designed to help you build the foundation for a strong and solid working relationship with your dog and to build focus so that you have a willing and eager canine partner. If you are starting agility with a new dog, the In FOCUS Foundation Work DVD will show you how to build the foundation skills you need before training the specifics of your chosen performance sport. If you're trying to problem solve with an older dog, this DVD will show you where you need to fill in the gaps in your foundation training to create a more responsive working partner on the agility course. It's never too late to build focus!

About the Authors
Deborah Jones, Ph.D. and Judy Keller developed the FOCUS program in 2003. This program is designed to help trainers form a good working relationship with their performance dogs. Deb has an academic background in learning theory and social behavior. She is also an innovator in the use of the clicker in dog training. Judy has been on the AKC Agility World Team three times, winning team gold in 1998. Both Deb and Judy share a strong commitment to using training methods that are positive and gentle, yet are also efficient and effective.

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